Fungi Food


To remain active and wanted supplier in the food industry, for the market and the consumers, providing safe and high-quality products.


We distribute the processed fruits from the nature to the market and the consumers in a safe way, thus contributing to their good health and welfare and at the same time we establish connections with our suppliers and consumers in all the regions that we can reach.


Taste the flavor of nature

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About us


Fungi Food is a private company, founded and managed by a woman entrepreneur.
Its main office with its reprocessing facility is situated in the base of Plavica mountain which is part of Osogovo Mountains, municipality of Probistip, in the northeast part of Republic of Macedonia.

Fungi Food established its beginnings in 2009, and today it became a modern reprocessing facility which has its own refrigerated vehicles and expanded capacity of refrigerators and driers which meet the modern standards.


Our primary activity is purchasing and processing mushrooms, forest fruit, medicinal herbs and certified organic honey.

As a gift from the nature, from ecologically clean environment the most common and with the highest quality are the following wild edible mushrooms: penny bun, chanterelle, Caesar’s mushroom, sponge morel, St. George’s mushroom, scotch bonnet, red pine mushroom, pine bolete and the following forest fruits: rose-hip, cornel tree berries, thornberry, wild strawberry and blackberry.

The most common medicinal herbs are: Tilia argentea, Sambucus nigra, Achilea millefolium, Malva sylvestris, Helichrysum arenarium, Primula veris, Taraxacum officinale, Utrica dioica, Iris sp., Hypericum perforatum, Thymus vulgaris, Crataegus oxyacantha, etc.

That can be partly or fully processed.

One of the biggest advantages is the location of the reprocessing facilities which makes it possible for the gathered forest fruits to arrive at the facility in the shortest period, thus keeping their maximum freshness. In this way the processed products are with the highest quality, that can please even the ones with the most finicky taste.

The processed forest fruits come exclusively from ecological regions which can be confirmed with Bio-certificate.

Our secondary activity is importing and distribution of fresh and marinated champignons as well as production of certified organic honey and bee products including propolis, royal jelly, pollen and other.

The processing of food is performed in its own facilities that have drying, freezing, marinating and packing capacity.

Our imported and processed products are not only sold in our country, but we are also oriented towards European market, among which geographically most important are Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland.